Google’s RankBrain algorithm update: What do we know about it?

Google’s RankBrain algorithm update is primarily an artificial intelligent (AI) machine. Helping Google to establish and comprehend the best results to our search terms.

Initially RankBrain only dealt with a small amount of search queries. However, over time RankBrain has become more present when we use Google to make searches. Google’s vision for RankBrain is to increase the usability and usefulness of the search platform.

How does RankBrain work?

When RankBrain is faced with search queries that are unfamiliar, the AI machine will draw from information from other searches. The machine will search for information that it believes will be relevant to the unknown query and look to solve the problem. It will filter particular words and phrases to find meaning and thus a result that is suitable to your search query.

RankBrain works on the basis that it will continue to store and learn phrases, terms and patterns. To keep Google’s search engine results page (SERPS) purposeful to its’ users.

It is believed that RankBrain is producing a greater percentage of correct returns compared with the Google engineers.

To clarify the above point, suggests, “Google first ‘feeds’ it (RankBrain) data from a variety of sources. The algorithm then takes it from there, calculating and teaching itself over time to match a variety of signals to a variety of results and to order search engine rankings based on these calculations.”

Is RankBrain an algorithm?

Unlike the Penguin and Panda algorithms RankBrain is in fact, more of a component of Google’s Hummingbird core algorithm. It is our understanding that RankBrain doesn’t handle all search queries but does in fact work as part of a wider set up. According to, Search Engine Land “RankBrain is mainly used as a way to interpret the searches that people submit to find pages that might not have the exact words that were searched for.

Working with RankBrain…

RankBrain will also impact on your keyword strategy because the terms you are using, should be relevant to those being used by us in our everyday lives. Your keywords should reflect spoken language and the natural way humans speak. If you are picking keywords that are not being used, then your SEO campaign will be unsuccessful from the beginning.

Creating content that is for your users and not simply to manipulate ranking. Using appropriate keywords and providing true and honest services will help rank your page higher on Google SERPS.

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