The benefits of SEO to your business

Businesses and start ups face their own day to day challenges. Such as, limited time, SEO, shoestring budgets and staffing.

If one thing is clear, without online visibility and a robust SEO strategy your business may find itself facing additional difficulties. Including customers struggling to find and see your website or online ads.

We suggest you develop a strong brand and a successful online presence. Having a positive and proactive approach to your SEO will increase the amount of new customers engaging with your business. Leading to greater conversion rates. A few less things to worry about on a day to day basis!

Let’s look at some ideas on how you and your professional can help to build a winning SEO strategy that won’t bankrupt you. It’s important to mention that, a little creativity and dynamism and an acute understanding of the business- its objectives, goals, and target audience will go a long way.

Similarly, each business is different therefore, the approach you take with your SEO should reflect this. This is where your creativity should come into play.

Here are a few suggestions to consider with or without a pro:

Optimise your website

Your SEO optimised website will load faster, navigate more easily, and will display on different devices. This is paramount in a world where many people are researching, browsing and shopping on tablets and mobile phones.

Creating an online environment that is user friendly you will satisfy part of Google’s guidelines. This is because Google favours websites that offer its visitors positive experience which creates ease of use.

SEO has changed dramatically over the past decade. Therefore, it’s vital to recognise how much influence search engines like Google have on your website. Search engines can influence whether or not you have an online presence.

  • Create high quality and relevant content including blogs and articles
  • Provide appropriate and relevant on site information
  • Create an environment which is well structured and uncluttered to encourage longer visits
  • Solve your target audiences’ questions through your content… F&Q perhaps

Set up a Google My Business account

Google My Business is a free optimisation tool that will help to increase your local visibility. It will give you more control over how your business appears on searches and maps.

  • Build an account and fill out each section with relevant and appropriate information.
  • Use high quality images and videos.
  • Encourage clients to provide reviews and feedback to build credibility, trustworthiness and sales. You can reply to your customers comments, which is a great way of demonstrating how your business engages with its customers.
  • Provide office details, directions, contact numbers and operating hours.
  • Provide information about your business attributes for instance – free parking, access to wifi, wheelchair access.

Don’t fall behind stay updated

Google have implemented some huge algorithm updates over the past few years which have effected some well established websites. Similarly, they also roll out several updates on a monthly basis. The updates might not be ground breaking, but, unless you are aware of these, over time your website could become difficult to update. This why having a pro on your side will help to avoid falling behind.

  • Your website requires constant monitoring to stay up to date.
  • Be on the ball – understand major algorithm changes and how these will effect your website and its’ ranking.

Therefore, your business needs to have a long term SEO strategy in order to gain noticeable changes. It’s about ‘playing the long game’!


It’s really important to understand the needs of your business and how search engines influence and impact your website’s visibility. Being aware of other businesses like your own, being aware of what they are doing and how they are doing, it will help to develop and maintain a strong SEO strategy.

The more time and commitment you apply to your SEO the greater your results will be now and for the future.

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Proactive’s New Look Website is here (Let’s start a new project together)

This month, Proactive’s New Look Website was launched

Google and other such search engines like to keep us website owners on our toes. They change their expectations which impact businesses around the world.

We would like to share a brief insight into what changes we have made and show you Proactive’s New Look Website. At Proactive Marketing Solutions we respond in the best possible of way by accepting the changes, we evaluated where we were and what changes we needed to implement. As a marketing agency we need to lead by example with our thinking and ability to be dynamic and creative.

Meet the team

But before we go any further let’s do the polite thing and introduce ourselves properly…

We would like to say a huge hello to those of you who are unfamiliar with our work at Proactive Marketing Solutions. We are a small, dedicated and hard-working team of marketers that are excited to launch our user-friendly New Look Website. Click here to see for yourself.

Let’s start with Owen, he is our managing director, he has a wealth of knowledge about so many subjects, but specifically with WordPress and HTML. He will advise and guide you through your journey with Proactive Marketing Solutions and ensure you are getting 100% out of your budget and goals.

Up next is me, Keala, I am Proactive’s Social media Manager and I am responsible for creating and finding content that is useful to the public.

Ok, so that’s a tiny bit about our team– we would love to meet you!

And for all the people who already know us, hello, welcome back.

Let’s look at what we have changed and why

As digital marketers we advise our clients on the importance of making websites mobile friendly to improve elements such as accessibility and search engine ranking. So, what we did was follow our own advice, by ensuring our website translates well. We are proud to say we’ve done it. Many website users might wonder why we often tweak our sites and make changes. Businesses do this because technology is always changing, and algorithms get updated. This can mean websites can soon quickly become out of date. Here at Proactive our team aren’t afraid of change, in fact it keeps us focused.

We’ve been thinking about User Experience

We have also introduced a quick drop-down selection tool on our homepage. It offers speedy results, so you can find a solution to your website dilemmas in a matter of seconds. We love this tool because it works with the notion that website visitors won’t stick around for much time, therefore we want to help you find what you are looking for, quickly. This notion is all about user experience and is another key point we like to discuss with our clients. Visit us to see you our selection tool can quickly point you in the direction of improving your website.

Vital Website Security updates

You will notice that our website now includes a page about security and privacy. Security plays an important role with our website ranking and the way our data is used across the internet. Our website is now protected and encrypted for the better as we have switched to HTTPS from HTTP. You will find essential information about SSL Security certificates, Site Lock and Codeguard on our site. SSL Security certificates Link.

Our fresh new approach

All in all our new look website has a streamline fresh feel that won’t leave you feeling confused. It will encourage you to browse and explore at your own pace. ­

we would like to hear from you if you do have any questions that haven’t been addressed on our site.

Say hello…

We offer a range of ways to get in contact from email [email protected] to messenger and Line.