How Do I Get My Business To Come Up On The First Page Of Google?

If you have been wondering how to increase your visibility on Google, or why your website doesn’t show up using specific search terms which are relevant to your business…

Then this blog series will seriously help you out! This time we will cover the role social media can play in increasing your visibility on Google.

Did you know…

You probably already know about the importance that Google plays in your business leads. Otherwise you most likely would not be researching it. However, did you know that 75% of people will not click through google pages and will only take notice of the first page. Believe it or not, 93% of people who make searches do so using search engines. And this is why you can’t afford to be ranking on any Google page- only the first.

Social media and your online presence

One way to be seen on Google is to increase your social media presence. By building and maintaining your social media accounts you will be creating some useful assets that will help enhance your online presence. Looking after your social accounts is not only useful for your online presence, but they will also help to increase user engagement. Furthermore, your socials will provide a space to project content into the wider community which will help you achieve greater visibly once more.

If you feel that you are wasting time on the ‘soft stuff’ by posting on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter, when you could be chasing good old business- you aren’t. Try to remember that you ideally want to gain a presence on the first page of SERPS (search Engine Results Page). By carrying out these tasks, potential clients are more likely to find you when they make search queries in Google and other search engines.

Follow our steps

Here are a few ways you can maximise your social media accounts so people will find your business on Google more easily.

We suggest you:

  • Link all of your social media accounts to your website and business emails. Don’t just pick a few of the main accounts like Facebook or LinkedIn, include them all to pass authority on to them.
  • Optimise all of your accounts to achieve greater engagement. You can do this by, using high quality images for your branding. Ensure all the sections such as ‘about us’, ‘name’, and ‘region’ are all fully populated by quality and in-depth content.
  • Keep your accounts updated with at least one post per day. The purpose of this is so your users and potential clients don’t think your account has been abandoned. Basically, you want to have an appearance that says ‘open for business’, not ‘closed down months ago’.
  • Use hashtags (#) to increase visibility making you more easily discoverable.
  • Engage well with your users on social media, responding to feedback, reviews and comments. Demonstrate to your followers that you are interested in their interactions and what they have to say- positive or negative.
  • Show an interest in other people’s posts, by commenting on and sharing content. This will help to spread your brand and reputation.


Follow these steps and they will help to build your online presence which will support you with greater visibility. It is really important to have no loose ends and half populated accounts. Link all of your accounts to your website and emails. Finally, try not to underestimate the role social media plays in ranking more highly in search engines. Read our blog ‘If SEO blows your mind: Read this’ for more specific advice on SEO.

For further advice or support please feel free to contact our friendly team.

For an Easier Life: it’s got to be Farang Mart

Farang Mart is an online classified listing and business directory covering the whole of Thailand.

Farang Mart is convenient for both buyer and seller

Brilliantly, the site’s popularity has grown over the past year, therefore some exciting changes have been applied so users can get even more out of the website. After all, their mission is to provide users with the easiest and most effective ways to find the items they either need or want to buy, sell or trade.

With hundreds of ads now being posted on Farang Mart across Thailand, users have the perfect opportunity to browse ads in the comfort of their own home. Other appealing features which enhance the users’ experience is the integration of social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. All Farang Mart ads are automatically shared creating an effective reach, making it a service of convenience for both buyer and seller.

Searching options

There are four featured categories on the home page, cars & pickups, motorbikes & scooters, real estate, property and business for sale enable the site to be navigated with
ease. Searching using the search function you can easily search for ‘second hand cars in Thailand’, ‘Chiang Mai real estate’, ‘Pattaya Holiday villas ‘or ‘houses for sale Hua Hin’ or
use the drop down  category feature either of these options are quick and effective. There is also the option available to search by your province, displaying all ads in your local area.
Also refined filter options are then available!

All Ads expire after 90days keeping the whole site full of consistently fresh ads. There is also an opportunity to then bump any existing ads back to the top of the list for only 100baht.

Whats new?

The new home page design now separates the paid ‘premium listings’ from the free ads, your ads can be upgraded to display on the homepage for 1000baht for 30days! Opting for this option will give you greater visibility leading to potentially quicker sales.

Join Farang Mart today

There are other ways to improve the visibility of your Thailand based business. These options provide greater choice in terms of the business needs and budget. You can list your company for free in the business directory using the company name, address and contact details. Additionally, placing a banner adverts on the site might give a business better scope. For further details on main header banner, homepage banners, main banner and sidebar banner fees please view our dedicated information.

Posting ads can’t be any easier, after setting up an account you will be able to conveniently check your admin and post new ads from your smart devices and tablets where ever you are.