Pros And Cons Of Philippines Based Web Design Companies

Some of the benefits of using a company in South East Asia (like the Philippines and Thailand etc) are costs. But this is all depends on your nationality and where you are outsourcing from. So if you are an expat from an English speaking country with a business in SE Asia, then the benefits are obvious compared to dealing with and agency from where you are from:

The Pros

  • UK Native English Speakers

    Professionals that speak your language, both conversationally and in business

  • European Standards

    High quality of work and knowledge of current best practices

  • Understanding Your Business

    A background and experience in dealing with your type of business giving you the best advice

  • Professionalism and Reliability

    Standards that you would expect from a home based company, as well as trust

  • All major digital marketing platforms covered

    Professional web design and development, results based SEO consultancy and packages, social
    media management and strategy as well as reliable web hosting and support amongst other

The Cons

  • None

    The only downsides you may be thinking of are the time difference and cost of communication.
    Well, in this day and age of multiple free methods of internet communication then this really
    isn’t an issue. The time difference between SE Asia (Bangkok time) to London is only 6 hours,
    and you will find that a company like ourselves adapts itself to it’s market. Just because
    someone is just around the corner from you doesn’t mean they are any easier to get hold of
    when you need. The same is also true that the best company for you is the best company for
    you, no matter where they are. As long as they can meet the demands outlined above it
    doesn’t matter if they are 10 miles away or 10, 000. So a web design company in the Philippines has no draw backs.

    If however your company is based in the UK, Europe or America, then the pros are the same but with two quite important extra benefits:
  • Lower costs

    Operating costs of businesses in SE Asia is a lot lower than the UK, Europe and USA etc.

  • Understanding of Local Business Factors and Culture

Utilising the knowledge of your country to avoid marketing pitfalls mistakes.
This means your company can afford top quality marketing work for your online presence, no matter what it might be. Safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with a homegrown company with all the benefits of being in Thailand or the Philippines.

Using our experience and knowledge of local marketing methods and culture mean that we can avoid painful marketing mistakes like offending the local culture, knowing what current marketing practices work and don’t work etc etc etc.

The Cons? Well, they remain absently the same but without the slight doubts you may have had regarding communication and time difference.

So whether you are a UK based native English speaking website design company or based in the Philippines or Thailand in SE Asia, dealing with a company like ourselves is obvious. Get in touch today with our contact form or give us a call to see how we can benefit you.

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