Web Design, Management and Hosting for the Real Estate Market in Thailand, Pattaya and Phuket

As a company Proactive Marketing Solutions have a long history and knowledge base in the fast paced and competitive Real Estate world in Thailand specialising in Pattaya, Rayong, Phuket and Koh Samui.

Having gained extensive knowledge of this market and all its sub markets means we are best placed to advise you on your next project. We know and understand the different markets that companies are aiming for in this very diverse area of business. Knowing your market yourself is almost one of the most important things for any business to know, this means you will connect with the people who are most likely to utilise your services. In short, your conversion rate will be higher with those you are aiming for rather than just trying to appeal to everyone.

Real Estate Market

All areas of business are competitive, but worldwide the property market is especially so. Why? Well, property has always been seen as safe bet for investment and profit as it steadily rises. This makes it competitive in all its different niches. Whether you are an agent trying to appeal to low end renters or a developer aiming to attract high end investors or agencies, each area inside the real estate world will be full of local knowledge, customs, competitor information and contacts etc. Dealing with a company that can not only provide the nuts and bolts of your requirements is one thing, but a company who can add that extra value by understanding your market and so understanding your aims clearer can help the project in so many ways. For instance, providing contact information, avoiding pitfalls of local regulation, speeding up delivery times is also possible because of this knowledge and the ability to speak your language. The benefits are almost endless, but in short, wouldn’t you want to team up with a company that has vast experience in your area already? After all, isn’t that what you would ask your clients?

Sectors Within The Industry

We have great experience across the many sectors as outlined above. We have provided web design in Samui and Phuket and design refreshes for existing developers all across Thailand, built sites from scratch for new project developments in Pattaya, provided management and training services for rental agencies in Rayong and many more besides. We are ready to utilise this wealth of knowledge and experience to help you succeed with your online aims. Just doing some site edits can transform your turnover by focusing on conversion rate and analysing what your current and traffic want but aren’t getting from your site. This can mean the difference from someone finding you online and leaving inside 5 seconds, or spending many minutes on many pages on your site and then contacting you. All business owners know how valuable these enquiries are, but not necessarily how to get them, or worse, how to capitalise on the ones you are getting. Knowing the different areas within the property market means we can use that experience to help improve your business in the property world.

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